25 Basic American History Trivia Questions

As a scholar, you should be well-versed with the basic trivia questions and their correct answers in whichever field of study. The traditional long stays in the library searching books and documentaries may not be very effective in this day and age. Part of it is because of the busy schedules that most people are on. Also, the fact that books and paper documents are prone to fading and other kinds of destructions make them less reliable than cloud storage. Electronic books have also come to maybe replace the manual ones since many people are now drawn to technology.

The convenience that comes with accessing the internet from wherever makes all the difference. Now you are able to get answers on America’s history at the click of a button thanks to search engines. History as a subject has a wealth of information online which you can always refer to. Searching American history question will lead you to the following questions and answers:

Common American history question and answers

Some of the most common questions and answers are as listed below

1. What did Paul Revere shout at Midnight 1775?
Answer: The regulars are coming.

2. On what date was the declaration of independence signed?
Answer: 2nd August 1776

3. At which place where Americans attacked while on American soil during World War II?
Answer: California, Brookings, Oregon, Santa Barbara, etc.

4. What is the name of the first capital city of the United States?
Answer: New York

5. Where exactly did the pilgrims land in America?
Answer: an unknown place

6. What is the name of the European explorer who first discovered America?
Answer: The Vikings

Interesting American history questions answers

Facts about America’s history that you find interesting include:

7. What is the reason for the liberty bell having a crack on it?
Answer: Poor Craftsmanship

8. Which is the most brutal single-day battle recorded in American history?
Answer: The Antietam battle

9. What names were given to Christopher Columbus’ ships?
Answer: Unknown, Santa Maria, Santa Clara

10. Why exactly was Chicago originally called the ‘Windy City?’
Answer: Many windbag politicians lived there

11. Who really paid for the statue of liberty?
Answer: It was France with some help from New York

12. What was the cause of the great Chicago fire in the year 1871?
Answer: Debatable

13. What is the name of the person who invented the first car?
Answer: Karl Benz

Correct American history question answers

Below are some of the correct answers to various America’s historical questions

14. Which was the deadliest on-impact bombing in the Second World War?
Answer: The bombing in Tokyo, Japan

15. When exactly did the American civil war end?
Answer: 9th May 1865

16. What reason did the pilgrims have for coming to America?
Answer: To seek economic opportunities

17. Who originally designed the American 13-star flag?
Answer: Maybe Francis Hopkinson

18. What followed after Pocahontas met John Smith?
Answer: She married John Rolfe, crossed the Atlantic then later died in her early 20s

19. Who actually invented the light bulb?
Answer: Unknown

Informative American history answers

The following questions and answers on America’s historical events and people will be very informative

20. What was done to the people who were convicted of witchcraft in Salem?
Answer: They were hanged at the gallows

21. What is the name of the person who invented baseball?
Answer: Alexander Joy Cartwright, Jr.

22. When exactly did the revolutionary war come to an end?
Answer: 3rd September 1783

23. What is the name of the very first president of the United States?
Answer: Peyton Randolph

24. How was the Wild West like?
Answer: A tamed environment

25. According to Benjamin Franklin, what should have been America’s national bird?
Answer: He was just joking when he said a turkey

Searches on American history question and answer are very common in almost all the search engines available online. This is because people are hungry for knowledge especially about things that happened before they were born or when they were too young to understand. Students also need this information for their studies. Thanks to the many search engine platforms that you can now get a correct answer to any question about American history.

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