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Organizing your Paper Writing Process

As a student, you can have the best content, but a poor organization can turn off your professor from going through your work. You need to follow a clear structure whenever writing any paper to give the tutors an easy time. When you need to organize your work, you must brainstorm ideas first before you write them down. Your brain needs to have a copy of what you need to put down on paper.

How to organize your paper before drafting

  • Thesis

The thesis statement is the first thing you need to know when writing an essay. The thesis gives you the basics of how your paper will be. A good thesis also provides the reader with a humble time going through your work and understanding the flow.

When writing the thesis statement, you need to include information that holds the main topic. You can start the thesis statement with a phrase like, “I believe that.” Then have words related to your subject.

However, the phrase “I believe that.” It won’t appear in your final essay because it will be removed. The purpose of the words is to help you organize your content in good order.

  • Supporting Paragraphs

After the thesis statement, there will be some paragraphs that support the thesis statement. Do not start to write an essay immediately after the thesis statement. Instead, you need to have an outline of how the body of the paper will look like.

Have another paper and highlight strong points that support your thesis. The points you highlight represents how you will organize your paragraphs. Again, you can highlight the points starting with the phrase “because.” The term simply gives you a good guideline on how you will arrange your points and content.

When you have enough points that support your thesis statement, now remove the phrase “because.”
At this point, you have a rough outline for your essay.

  • Topic Outline

Again, you will feel like the rough outline is good enough to start writing the essay. Well, DO not begin writing your paper at this point. There is a final step; the topic outline.

You use a rough outline to create the topic outline. The rough outline gives your essay a good flow of ideas paragraph after paragraph.

To create a topic outline, you need to re-list the points again and number them with roman numerals. After you have numbered all the points, make about two sub-points, and number them with A, B, and C. The sub-points should support the main point.

How to Organize your Paper after Drafting

Now that you have a rough outline with ideas to write about, you can now create a clear essay structure after drafting.

  • Thesis

Since you already have a rough outline, use it to write the final thesis statement you will use throughout your essay. Follow the previous explanation to create the best thesis that reflects your topic.

When writing the thesis, ensure it answers the question of the main topic

  • Supporting Paragraphs

The process is similar to the previous one, only that at this point, you polish up your facts ready to generate content for your essay. Arrange main points with sub-headings to give the paper an organized structure.

  • Topic Outline

Have a clear topic outline, whereby each main topic has sub-topics to give the tutor a smooth reading experience.

Finally, you have everything in order, and at this point, you can start writing your essay without any difficulty.

Guide on Writing an Outstanding Coursework

At college, professors usually give a lot of coursework assignments to the students. How does it feel upon encountering such type of project? It may be overwhelming, right. Sometimes you may need the best approach of working on the assignment to have some quality time for resting and focusing on other things. How can you make your writing fast and of the best quality?

Your professor will be pleased with the paper that stands out and will always award a better grade on such efforts. Therefore, you need to work on your coursework paper and produce an attractive write up that stands out among the rest. Remember, professors go through many work from fellow students and may not have time for any low-quality content. Your work should outshine your peers to have the upper hand during marking.

Below is a quick guide for producing an outstanding coursework paper within a limited time. These tips are proven by professionals and will certainly help you get high grades.

Have the reader in mind

Before writing your term paper, have the mind reader. For instance, a professor reading your article reads many fellow professors’ and students’ work. Such individuals get bored with your work efficiently if you don’t have interesting content. You should use topical hooking sentences to capture their attention and make them develop a thirst for your content.

Your topic should also be interesting to make your reader feel the urge to read through your work. If you have the liberty to generate your subject, always go for a unique and exciting topic that will capture your reader’s attention.

Apply a three-act outline in your writing

The three-act outline structure of writing is mostly applicable to modern novel writing, but it is also suitable for academic assignments. The design of such essays have the following essential components:


A set up is an introduction section that highlights some necessary information about the argument.


Confrontation is the main body of the paper that represents the ideas of the research. It contains authentic evidence and brief conclusions about the ideas under discussion.

Include an exciting description of your subject or setting

Readers would like to know more about any exciting idea or subject. Apart from providing scientific facts about your topic or issue under discussion, consider providing an interesting discussion about what you are discussing in your paper. Such information will keep your reader stick to your content and read through your work to the end.

Edit your work before submission

You will never produce clean work on the first attempt of your writing. You will need to edit your work over and over again before making a clean draft. If possible, spend time away from your document before coming back for editing. Consider sharing your copy with another friend who can assist you in pointing out mistakes in your coursework. Edit all typos, grammar, and spelling errors.

Remember to revisit your coursework paper instructions to ensure that you are addressing all the areas possible areas you need to cover.


Term paper writing should not be a tedious activity. Follow the above guide to get an insight into what you need to do for an outstanding paper. Your paper should always have unique content and topic to retain your reader’s interest. Once you have the best draft, submit it, and wait for a good grade.

How to Write a Research Paper

Once you are in university, you should start getting familiar with the research. The research papers will be part of your academic requirements. Your professor will give you topics, or sometimes you may have to find ideas on your own, do the research, and create the best content. You must be ready to do your best since the grades you get contributes to your final marks at the end of an academic semester.

This article gives you the best ideas on how to write your paper effectively without facing difficulties. However, do not assume the guidelines are simple. When you start writing the assignment, you will realize the complexity of the work. Try as much as possible to follow the guidelines below as you write the research paper.

The Topic

The first phase of writing the research paper is finding a suitable topic. You need to discover, narrow down your ideas, and settle on a subject with a wide range of content available while researching. Use the following tips when creating a topic.

  • Figure out the best ideas in your subject and come up with your unique topic
  • Ask your instructor to guide you if you feel lost
  • Find a topic that interests you.
  • Create the topic as a question so that you try to find the answers.
  • Ask your classmates about their views on your topic.

The reason for doing the above is to ensure you move on to the next step while ensuring progress. Do not omit any step because you might end up having trouble as you write on.

The Research

After you have settled on a topic, it is now time to find and select reliable sources where you will get the content from. There are several options you can consider when researching your materials. For example, you can use books, journals, library catalogs, online materials, and other suggestions from your tutor. Whatever sources you decide to use, ensure they have credible information related to your topic.

  • Organizing your research materials

At this point, you have the topic and relevant resources to get the information from. You now need to group and note down the information because you will need to re-read the material later. You can improvise the following when writing down your notes to stay organized:

  1. Write down sources on bibliography cards
  2. Take notes on a separate paper
  3. Arrange the materials according to relevance to the topic.
  • Creating the outline

You will need to write an outline that will include strong points to include in your assignment. Consider asking your professor to help you create the plan if you are stuck. However, consider the following aspects:

  1. The main topic
  2. The best organizational plan to support the subject
  3. The significance of the topic
  4. The thesis statement of your paper
  • The Introduction

When writing the introduction, focus on what the paper is all about. Give the tutor more reasons to keep reading your work. Remember, you are not writing for yourself. That is why the introduction matters a lot. Focus on the following while writing the introduction

  1. Explain the purpose of the paper and the content available.
  2. Give the background of the materials you use.
  3. Explain the organizational plan of your paper
  4. Define the concepts where necessary.
  • The Body

The body of any academic paper carries all the relevant points. You need to ensure each paragraph has a significant fact that you explain well and give supporting evidence. While creating the body, you need to do the following:

  1. Transform your sources into a discussion
  2. Use the outline to guide you effectively
  3. Be creative when putting down your points
  4. While using other people’s work, you need to explain and summarize instead of reporting.
  • The Conclusion

You need to create the best conclusion as you summarize your argument. You can integrate the information in the introduction to come up with a precise conclusion. Let the reader understand your findings of the initial topic.


The final step when writing the research paper, is proofreading and correcting errors. Check for any typos and grammatical mistakes and fix them. Do not assume you have written well. We can’t be keen on finer details. Check the sentence structures and ensure everything is okay. Once you have confidence in your paper, you can now submit it.

Persuasive Speech Topics For College

    Struggling with your academic workload? Consider reaching out to professional writers who can help you by saying, write my college paper, and provide you with the assistance you need.

  • Teachers as well as students should pass tests
  • Time for shorter college lectures
  • Students need to be given less homework at school
  • As effective examination tools, SAT & ACT are found wanting
  • Why today’s modern students should study business-related subjects
  • What role do IT classes play during the student’s life.
  • Comparison between remote education vs. traditional schooling
  • Why do PE?
  • Reasons to shorten the school day
  • Can distant learning replace traditional classes
  • The advantages and disadvantages to online education (e-learning)
  • How should the high school system be reformed?
  • Why we should concentrate less on international crime and more on local terrorism
  • Why we should restrict advertising targeting children;
  • Why did the feminist movement devalue motherhood
  • Calories in meals should be shown by the food manufacturers
  • Our tax system needs to be made fairer
  • Chronic disease patients are not well catered for in mental hospitals
  • Reasons why we need to stop worldwide sales of weapons
  • Why we should give youngsters the freedom to decide if they want to do military service
  • Want to do your homework faster? Listen to music
  • Why honesty is always the best policy
  • Catastrophes make those affected appreciate life more
  • More confidence comes from living embarrassing moments
  • Recipe to dress for success
  • Reasons why managing your time affects your job?
  • Are hobbies beneficial to your career?
  • Live life spontaneously
  • Why kindness is the most important quality to have
  • Why bike sharing may be more than a new craze
  • Do we call college sportspeople professionals and pay them?
  • Are we giving too much money to school teams?
  • Reasons for the media’s lack of interest in women?
  • Still optional – professional sports drug testing?
  • Should sports personalities continue to be paid so much?
  • Sport is less about competition than testing your limits
  • Should it be allowed to reveal ethno-cultural details in team member information?
  • How good if at all are cheerleaders as sportspeople?
  • Reasons why Yellowfaces is a recipe for disaster for professional teams
  • Sport always in the spotlight – the reasons behind this
  • Gym classes need to concentrate their energy on practical physical skills e.g. swimming
  • Reasons why the private sector should finance professional sport
  • Athlete safety – are the current precautions enough?
  • Are we taking physical training too seriously?
  • Nature as the origin of Human behavior
  • Why we should teach sex education to the younger teenagers
  • Regardless of constitution and existing laws, minorities are still being used by the modern US legal system
  • More cons than pros to gun control legislation
  • Why we should be more worried about the internet than TV and TV shows in society
  • Are celebrities ridiculing the right to privacy?
  • Smoke, drink, drive and vote at 18 instead of 21 in the USA?
  • How likely is the idea of open borders in the near future?
  • Why Europe needed the American timely intervention during World War
  • More responsible oil companies when faced with oil spills
  • Tolerance must prevail between atheists & religious people
  • Talking about Iraq and Afghanistan all the time only causes irritation and aggression
  • “Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll”: relevant to the history of art?
  • Who gets your vote: vegetarians or meat eaters?
  • Should we hand out the death sentence to the maniacs who kill people for no reason?
  • By stimulating their brain activity, free sour cream bagels motivate students to study
  • Out of fashion: The Black Square by Kazimir Malevich is nothing wonderful
  • Why is discussing sex issues ok but not cheating
  • There is no connection between Mass audience art and elite-created masterpieces.
  • Thin (but not too thin) 80’s women looked more natural and better than women today.
  • We should use iPads instead of college textbooks
  • Silence please: no mobile phones during lectures.
  • Why you shouldn’t skip classes at College
  • Know passion, know studies.
  • Why a gap year is in fact a very good idea
  • Take notes in class
  • An expensive engagement – students need to be clear about student loans and what’s involved.
  • Students need to get to know…each other.
  • The smarter way to study – do the harder classes first.
  • Why students who take summer classes beat the schedule

A List Of Unexplored Topics For Your Research Paper On Holocaust

Seventy years after the end of the Holocaust, the mass genocide of approximately six million innocent people is still an emotive subject. Particularly with people who were alive during the Second World War and can remember the stories as they emerged. It is also incredibly difficult to write a research paper on the subject without falling into the trap of walking well-trodden ground.

Because it is so widely documented, then The Holocaust is widely regarded as a “safe” subject to choose, especially for students who are new to a particular course and are still finding their feet. There is, after all, an abundance of material to choose from, and countless survivor accounts to pore over and analyse. There is nothing wrong with choosing a subject such as this. In fact, it makes sense in many ways. The challenge is finding that fresh angle from which the basis of your research paper will be formed. The aim being to not only catch the attention of your lecturer, but also do justice to the survivors and the memories of those that died.

Research can sometimes be viewed as tedious, but as any good researcher will tell you finding a new angle on a well-documented subject, is like striking gold.

If you are still in need of a little inspiration, then I have compiled a list of topics that you might want to explore in a little more depth. Feel free to run with them and wander slightly off the beaten track:

  • The Holocaust is widely perceived as a Jewish Tragedy. How did non-Jews suffer in the aftermath?
  • In the wake of the Paris attacks and the recent rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe, are memories of The Holocaust responsible for Jews relocating back to Israel?
  • Were world leaders guilty of turning a blind eye to the plight of Jews during The Holocaust and can any parallels be drawn between the present-day crisis in the Middle-East?
  • Is enough being done to track down and bring to justice Nazi War criminals that may still be alive? Is this relevant when the world is facing new terror threats? Discuss.
  • Is there any substance to claims made by Holocaust deniers, and should people who deny that it happened be given any publicity?
  • Is there any evidence to support claims that some Nazi’s helped Jews escape the Holocaust?
  • What therapies were put in place to help survivors of The Holocaust? Could more have been done?
  • How much money was spent on financing the concentration camps and where did that money come from?

How to write an interesting topic for a technology research paper?

What a research paper is:

A custom research paper is a paper that is composed of a bunch of research

and credible information from sources that are all reliable. A proper

research paper is a final product that combines the aspects of

organization, critical thinking, and the process of evaluating sources,

proper composition and more.

A set of guidelines and or tips and tricks on writing a research paper:

The seven steps of research:

  1. Figure out what research question you want to write about
  2. Seek help
  3. Determine what your research strategy is going to be and find out

    all of the resources you are going to use

  4. Be sure to only use search techniques that are effective
  5. Always critically read things, synthesize your work and make sure

    there is meaning in your writing

  6. Be able to comprehend the process of writing the paper properly and

    be sure to cite your sources

  7. Evaluate the sources

Things you learn while you are writing a research paper:

  • You can now properly track down information
  • You will know how to organize your materials and your thoughts as

    well as your research

  • You will be able to navigate the internet better and realize what are

    good sources and what are bad sources

  • You will learn how to summarize what you read
  • You will learn how to better manage your time
  • You will learn responsibility from being able to start and finish a

    whole research paper

Ideas for a technology research paper:

You write a technology research paper just like you would any other

type of research paper; you just tend to focus on the subject of

technology only. Some ideas for writing a good technology research

paper is as follows but are not limited to:

  • Discuss and research the topic of what the recent increase of

    diabetes in the United States is and why

  • Is it a good idea or a bad idea to be cloning humans
  • When it comes to reproductive technologies is it appropriate for

    religion and or faith to have a role in making decisions about this

  • Is there a connection between mental illnesses in the United States

    and an increase in technology

  • Has the use of texting changed how people communicate with each other


  • What are all of the dangers that are involved and or connected with


How To Compose A Top-Notch Research Paper On Depression

Everybody wants to write a flawless piece of writing, but it is not possible in absence of proper knowledge or guidance.

Below stated steps can guide you with the same-

  • Create a strict timeline: This means that you have to meet your smaller goals sticking to your schedule. This is the first and foremost important step.
  • Stick to your topic and stay to the point: Most of the students are free to choose the topic of their choice and while making selection if you can choose a singular idea to write, it will serve your purpose impeccably. However, you have to ensure that you get enough reliable resources to write.

  • Create a fine tune thesis statement: The thesis statement should sum up all the points succinctly keeping it interesting. You can choose topics like “Depression strongly affects everybody’s life” or you can write on “depression and a variety of treatment options”.

  • Reputable sources should be used: Whether you are using the resources offline or online they should be reliable. .Org, .edu, .net are some of the websites that are known for its authenticity. All the information taken from this place can be blindly trusted. For the books that you purchase from the market should be of highly renowned author. Its because facts are checked before they are published. You can also get information from renowned news outlets, study abstracts and government websites.

  • Organize: Once you have gathered information, organize your notes. Start from the generalized ideas and narrow it down. Extract significant pieces of information and create an outline. Highlight important points and then elaborate them.

  • Outline: After you have organized your thoughts, present them in such a way that it supports your thought process.

  • Prepare your drafts: By the time you write your third draft, you will be writing a final piece of paper. The first one should be written for review purpose. Second one evaluates Grammar and spelling and finally the third one should be written in such way that it is completely devoid of any kind of mistakes while completely supporting the thesis statement.

  • Get your research paper printed: They should be printed on a high quality paper maintaining the margins while following the instructor’s guidelines. Follow the APA or MLA guideline rules. Ensure that high quality white paper is used. Proper margins are left at the top, bottom, right and left sides. New page should be used for the title page. Numbering of pages and paragraph alignment should be proper. Keep proper spaces between words and the lines.

Furthermore, plan your time well and if needed use excellent secondary sources too.

What Is A Good Topic For A Research Paper On The US Civil War

When writing about the U.S. Civil War, there are so many potential topics on which to write. You can craft great topics that focus on a different technology that was used during the time, the different battles, various members of the Union and the Confederate, as well as different places and events, and the culture of the time. Below are many examples from all of those categories, suggested by top writing experts from

If you want to focus your paper on technology you can write about:

  • The Minie Ball
  • Submarines
  • Medicine
  • Railroads
  • Repeating rifles
  • Monitor and Merrimac
  • The cotton gin
  • The Springfield armory
  • Tredegar Iron Works
  • Map making
  • Spies
  • The sanctuary commission
  • The telegraph
  • Blockages
  • Artillery
  • Photography

If you want to write about the Union you can write about:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Winfield Scott Hancock
  • Henry W. Slocum
  • The Army of the Potomac
  • George Meade
  • Clara Barton
  • William Seward
  • William Sherman
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • 54th Massachusetts
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Benjamin Butler
  • Edwin Stanton

If you want to write about the Confederate you can write about:

  • Wade Hampton
  • Richard Ewell
  • Jubal Early
  • The Army of Northern Virginia
  • Joseph Johnston
  • Thomas Jackson
  • Robert E. Lee
  • Nathan Forrest
  • John Wilkes Booth
  • Jefferson Davis
  • John Bell Hood
  • James Longstreet

If you want to write about battles, you can write about:

  • Antietam
  • Gettysburg
  • Petersburg
  • Fort Sumter
  • Wilderness
  • The Peninsula Campaign
  • Chattanooga
  • Shiloh
  • Fredericksburg

If you want to write about specific places or events you can write about:

  • Ford’s Theater
  • The election of 1864
  • The secession of South Carolina
  • Washington D.C.
  • Richmond, VA
  • John Brown’s Raid
  • West Virginia Statehood
  • Andersonville
  • The Election of 1860
  • The Fort Pillow Massacre
  • The Rebellion of Nat Turner
  • The Underground Railroad

If you want to write about the culture you can write about:

  • News and the role of political cartoons
  • Music
  • Food
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • The Emancipation Proclamation
  • The Fugitive Slave Act
  • The Reconstruction Amendments
  • The Dred Scott Decision
  • Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

A Guide for Selecting Topics for a Persuasive Research Paper

From the very beginning you need to understand the exact nature of a persuasive research paper. Unless you have a firm grasp of the definition of what is required with a persuasive or argumentative research paper, choosing the topic is a difficult process. Experienced research paper writers advise to pick a topic as easy as possible.

A persuasive essay or research paper requires you to persuade the reader, most probably your teacher or professor, that your point of view in the research paper has credibility and you have substantiated your opinion throughout your writing. Now all of this is fine but how does that help you go about selecting an appropriate topic? Well following each of these points will go a long way to seeing you successful.

  • Is the topic controversial?
  • Does the topic divide public opinion?
  • Does the topic have depth?
  • Does the topic have significant and relevant research material?
  • Is the topic contemporary?
  • Are you interested in this topic?
  • Will you be studying aspects of this topic in your future studies?

Sitting on the fence is not a good position to take when writing a persuasive research paper. You need to come down firmly on one side of the fence. So the first thing to do is be sure that the topic you select is controversial, that it divides public opinion.

Then to further test the quality of the topic you are considering you need to discover if it has depth. If it is a shallow topic there will not be much to write about. But if it does have depth it must also have plenty of relevant research material.

One tip in selecting a topic for your persuasive research paper is to see if the proposed topic is contemporary. If so there should be plenty of relevant research material available easily and moreover, it will be a topic that your reader will be familiar with.

But then we get personal. Are you interested in this particular topic? Is it a topic which grabs your interest? Are you passionate about this topic? You see the key here is selecting not just a controversial topic but rather one which appeals to you. Then, to make it a really suitable topic, try and find one which is relevant to other subjects you will be studying in the future. If so you will be boosting your academic standing for whatever you tackle tomorrow.